The water we produce ourselves inside of mitochondria is deuterium-depleted metabolic water.

Mitochondria have three essential functions: they produce deuterium-depleted metabolic water, heat, and ATP.

The health of mitochondria depends on its ability to produce deuterium-depleted metabolic water and the efficiency of the TCA cycle to keep deuterium out of the mitochondrial matrix.

This figure illustrates beautifully how due to deuterium accumulation, mitochondria become enlarged, misshapen, and lose their cristae. This is when submolecular dysregulation sets in causing cancerous transformation, regardless of the status of the nucleus. After restoring deuterium-depleting water producing and recycling functions of the cancer cell, it differentiates into a healty cell.

The most efficient way we produce deuterium-depleted metabolic water is from the consumption of natural fats:

100 grams of fat → produces 110 grams of metabolic water

100 grams of carbohydrate → produces 55 grams, only half as much, of metabolic water

There are a variety of deuterium depleted waters (DDW) with different concentrations available in the marketplace. We consider DDW to be wellness water if it is ~125 ppm and of therapeutic quality if the water contains ~105 ppm or less.