Our gut microbiome exists to deplete deuterium for us as foods are broken down before trans-epithelial absorption. Microorganisms collect deuterium from our food as it is a growth factor.

A lack of diversity in organisms or a change in the balance of beneficial and pathogenic organisms caused by antibiotics, glyphosate, mono crops grown on soil devoid of nutrients and altered soil microbiome changes the efficiency of this essential deupletion mechanism that contributes to changes in the terrain or internal state of the well-being of the body.

If you in addition consume foods high in deuterium you will further create an imbalance and stimulate proliferation of pathogenic bacteria and yeast. If, instead, you consume foods that encourage the production of short chain fatty acids (SCFAs), or if you are in great condition and able to produce SCFAs from lactic acid you can regulate deuterium and  deuplete.

Deuterium depletion occurs by returning low deuterium ketogenic propionic and butyric acids to the circulation of which we produce deuterium depleted metabolic water.


Petra Davelaar Dorfsman

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